Mi primer post en inglés.

My first post in english language, translated by Google Traductor XD


Somehow you have to know this: I like you, I liked you, or something like that. 

I thought you knew this. I thought that it would fade what I feel during this time in which me didn’t see you. But I suppose that it could be ashes. 

Because is true this strange feeling when I see you. Sometimes I wanted to imagine that you expect me when leaving. And sometimes I think that is a illusion… It’s this are as is? 

You could ask yourself if this is true, because I’ve never done anything significant for you. It’s just that I’m selfish and moreover, after all, could be something nasty for you what I’m trying to express. 

But once I came back for you and you called me ‘friend’. Although I know little about you, although I have seen you not much, I can not deny that feelings don’t know about genres. The silence also speaks a lot… Where would hope that something like this are reciprocal?

There are things you read and commented in the web as if intuition knew they were for you. Although maybe you not knew. Is a strange magnetism that brings me closer to you when I least think. 

I often think that something like this it would never be corresponded, as few friends exist hidden among in the letters, knowing that the forbidden feelings are not’s understood in the world, and many times they are not’s understood for their receivers. And the target is you. 

But if it were a single opportunity, I would give more that these letters for you. I would conquer the world for to be near of you. If only it were a mutual feeling. 

I do not know what it would be, for me is like a dream whose reality seems nonexistent, because the real is you, your face, your glasses that you not use now, your appearance, your form of walking and saying the words, with a slight pause between them, with a unique accent. And the other facets that I don’t know. 

 Well. I think this is the more ‘cheesy‘ that I’ve done in my life, and I mean in good sense. I don’t know what might expect. I only know that distance is getting bigger among us, maybe it’s for better. Me wanted you to know I love you, as so many times that I tried to tell you it with my eyes, with a word of esteem hidden among verses, as would be for a platonic love, just as the unknown silence. 

However, I always wish the best luck to you. Perhaps I would have wanted to make something for you. Just thanks for being you. 

An admirer more that yours.



3 pensamientos en “Somewhere

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  2. Now that’s what I needed. Tnx for the details. By the way, other posts are a bit less fascinating. Please don’t be offended, just try to keep quality in this way :)

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